Procedure Writing

Mobile Device Self-Certification, Help Centers x 4 (Updated & Created)

Google via AutoRoboto, 2021

Co-created and published four external-facing help-centers so international augmented-reality-OEM-mobile-phone technicians could self-certify their devices. Content included text, images, code, and API content.

Chatbot FAQ Responses (Created)

Moveworks via CV Partners, 2019

Goal: Enable customer employees to self-serve company-related answers. Customers were companies that wanted to minimize expenses related to IT/customer support, HR, and employee wait times.

Wrote close to one hundred answers to FAQs. Prioritized and created FAQ answers based on Tableu data points provided by customers. Moveworks' chatbot fetched and served the answers I published to the system.

IT User Guide Merge Project (Upated)

Internal Private Wiki (Confluence), 2018

Updated 12-IT helpdesk guides for company team members to better understand how to accomplish office tasks, such as Using Zoom, Installing Adobe Creative Cloud, etc.

CRM Grant-making Procedure Wiki (Created)

CZI via Computer Futures, 2018

New grant-making process was complex and unwieldy. Wrote an eight-phase process with procedures to enable grant-makers to add grants to SalesForce.

X6000 Xenon LightSource Service Manual (Updated)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000 http://www.wemed1.co ... 20_185.pdf

An end-user manual for nurses that use the Light Source tool in surgery.


KB: ProSAFE Plus Switches FAQ (Updated)

Netgear via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 https://www.netgear. ... x#download

Update this KB article about ProSAFE Plus Switches.

KB: How do I set up one or more VLANs between a NETGEAR ProSAFE firewall and a smart switch? (Updated)

Netgear via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 http://kb.netgear.co ... wall-and-a

Updated and published this KB article for hardware end users.

KB: How do I add and manage multiple mobile devices for geofencing? (Created)

Netgear via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 https://kb.arlo.com/ ... geofencing

Created and published this KB article for end users of the Arlo Camera.

KB: How do I use 3D Touch to switch modes for all of my Arlo devices simultaneously? (Created)

Netgar via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 https://www.arlo.com ... ltaneously

Created and published this KB article for end users of the Arlo camera that wanted to use the geofencing feature with their iPhone 3D feature.

KB: How does Arlo Geofencing work and how do I set it up? (Created)

Netgear via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 https://kb.arlo.com/ ... -set-it-up

Enable Arlo camera end users to use the Geofencing feature via their iPhone.

K&W Laparoscopic Monopolar Instrument Instruction Packet (Created)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000 http://Website no longer available

A graphics-only instruction guide that nurses use inside of the clean-room environment during surgery.

I drew the storyboard and shared with a graphic designer to crate and print directly onto the product wrapper a nurse would use within a sterile environment.

688 One-Chip Camera Operating Manual (Updated)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000

End-user manual for surgeons.

888 3-Chip Camera Brochure (Updated)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000 https://www.bioclini ... nce-manual

An end-user brochure that describes the tool surgeons would use.

Security Writing

KB: Badlock Security Vulnerability Announcement (Updated)

Netgear via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 http://kb.netgear.co ... ar_organic

Updated and published this security vulnerability announcement to the company extranet on time.

KB: Authentication Bypass Using an Alternate Path or Channel (Created)

Netgear via Titan Staffing Solutions, 2016 http://kb.netgear.co ... ar_organic

Created and published this security vulnerability announcement by the deadline.


Magazine: Rotary Club of Los Gatos Invests in our Future (Updated, Created)

Los Gatos Living (pp 20-21), July 2018 https://clubrunner.b ... -Final.pdf

I recommended and laid out the interview method, added content, and enhanced the article that my associate created. The objective was to share how the club supports local youth, introduce the new president, and inspire community interest in the club. It was a

Post Card: Marketing Event (Created)

Aelita Leto: Facebook Events Page, Post Card, 2018 https://www.facebook ... 070561475/

Created a hardcopy 1/4 page flyer for a feng-shui business owner to market her event.

It was published to Facebook to market the event. It was also handed out to potential clients at the time of the event to provide an upcoming schedule for the year.

Internal Intranet: Machine Shop Team (Created)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000

Created content for Styker Intranet Wrote and published five team-member biographies and five shop machines. Purpose: Provide the Santa Clara based machine-shop team increased presence within the global organization, and help company team members understand process for opening machine shop tickets.

Developer Guides

Data-Infrastructure Team Wiki + Documents (Created)

Google via AutoRobto (Confidential, Internal), 2020

Built and published an internal data-infrastructure team site to keep stakeholders informed of processes so they could onboard and complete projects on their own.

Generated text and sequence diagrams for user and dev guides, such as playbooks, expansion guides, data-protection policies, and more.

Used Markdown.

Getting Started Guide + Quick Start Video (Updated)

Google via AutoRoboto (Confidential, Internal), 2020

Improved internal docs so multiple global team Google Lens team members could use their home-grown debug tools effectively.

Distilled an unorganized 20-page document into several user guides: Getting Started, Use Case Guides, and Quick Start Video.

Wiki: Combine Seven Wikis into One (Improved)

Google via AutoRoboto (Confidential), 2019

Combined seven internal developer team websites into a single site.

Removed duplications. Updated and created dev. guides, user guide, and style guide. Formatted scripts, sample code, and API content.

E2E Testing (Created)

Paypal via Insight Global (Private), 2018

The Risk team built an internal tool for e2e testing. Both internal and external dev (API integration engineers for customers) needed to understand to use for different use cases.

I created a wiki guide with text and video to enable both groups to onboard quickly. I used various UI navigation techniques to provide a powerful yet seemingly simple user experience (UX) so users could start broad then dig down into details.

Proof of Concept: AWS Migration (Created)

Private Company, 2017

Created four POCs with an engineering project manager for their AWS client project.


Process Writing

Internal Wiki: New Market Entry Playbook (Created)

Facbook via HCL (Internal, Confidential), 2021

Co-created a workflow diagram, document, and Asana template. This documentation enabled nine cross-functional teams to coordinate efforts to complete New Market Entry programs globally to help the organization scale.

Internal Wiki: New Warehouse Setup Playbook (Created)

Facebook via HCL, 2021

Co-created a workflow diagram, document, and Asana template.

This documentation enabled twelve cross-functional teams to coordinate efforts to setup New Warehouses in different regions globally, to help the organization meet aggressive business scaling goals before the holiday season.

Internal Wiki: SKU Creation Playbook (Improved)

Facebook via HCL, 2021

Created a SKU Creation Playbook so program managers and 14 international-cross-functional-teams could streamline the SKU creation process to meet aggressive business goals.


SDC Pro Service Manual (Updated)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000

A service manual for a tool that surgeons use.


SDC Pro User Manual (Updated)

Stryker Endoscopy, 2000

A manual for a tool that surgical teams use.


Regulatory Writing

ISO Policy and Procedure (Created)

Advantech via Yoh Staffing, 2017

Created documentation that enabled the company to pass their FDA audit upon first inspection.

Administrative Access Policy & Procedure Document (Created)

Cisco via SmartWorks/InfoSys Internal Document, 2016

This confidential Administrative Access Policy helps developers build the management tool for a well-known, global enterprise company (valued at 40billion+).

Purpose: to keep the IT security needs of the company and its customers manageable and current.

Vulnerability Management Process & Procedure (Updated)

Confidential, 2016

Helped the network administration team to pass an ISO audit the first time.

The processes and SOPs to be used by sub-teams would help ensure that system vulnerabilities could be discovered and remediated.


SDLC Documentation for ISO 270001Certification (Created)

Jasper Wireless, 2014

This confidential SDLC process documentation was submitted to acquire the ISO 27000:2005 certification.